Dennis P. Lysenko

My passion began when I produced my first executable, "Hello World" application on my console. From the excitement of tackling one of the most straightforward programs, I have decided to take it to the next level, learning essential functions, terms, and data types, Object-Oriented Programming Languages, etc. I started developing many different kinds of applications ranging from Web Based, Console Based, Windows Application to some background applications, striving to learn as much as I can grasp the knowledge of information technology from its core. Please note that this journey began only at the age of eleven. The motivation and drive blossomed, and I knew this is the path I need to take, because technology is a never stopping advancement that I have to be apart of, tackling the toughest problems with a most dedicated team of engineers.

Of course, action speaks louder than words. Below are some of my projects build entirely from scratch, some with no frameworks or API's to help.


South Broward HighSchool

General Education

Broward Community College

Associates of Arts in Computer Science

Technical Proficiencies











Integrated Development Environment's Used



Visual Studios




2048 (2D Game)
This application was the stepping stone to test myself. Using no Game Engine or Library besides the JavaFX library, I recreated the popular 2048 game.
LowDistrict-Core (Console App)
This console-based application is for my brother photography page on Instagram. This program renders an image to show his upcoming posts to his team. The app pulls information from a MySQL database and renders the images, and captions to its corresponding ID.
AutoRestart (Minecraft Plugin)
With project ideas running low, I decided to develop a free Minecraft Plugin as a project to keep me busy as I was desperate to code. Using the Spigot-API MySQL integrations, and lots of code designing, I created this plugin.
LowDistrict (Website)
Along with my brother's photography Instagram page, I have also created a website for him. This website is using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript for most of its functions. All from scratch using Gulp with Node.js to compile everything.
ExitFinder (2D Platform Game)
A 2D Platform Game, unfinished and abandoned but worth sharing that is aswell created from scratch using the JavaFX library. After finishing 2048, I wanted to try game development, but the capabilities from the JavaFX library limited me with the lack of resources the API offers.
This Resume (Website)
This is a website designed and devloped from scratch also using the Gulp workflow from Node.js. This site is using jQuery, and PHP to run. Reason for PHP is to seperate some files for organization purposes, and data storage. Like this exp-block.